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 Role Playing Rules

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Role Playing Rules Empty
PostSubject: Role Playing Rules Role Playing Rules EmptyMon Mar 16, 2015 12:45 pm

Here are the specific rules on roleplaying in Craylife.

1. When you start roleplaying, you have to enter an area/place. That's how your character start his/her story. To enter a a place, please write [enters], or [enters +(action of a specific entrance)] in the beginning of your post. This is very important.

2. To talk, just write normally.

3. To do action or narrate an action or narrations, use []. Example: [Looks around and saw a guy shuffling a deck.]

4. For showing your thoughts, use Italic. Example: He's using... Kagerou...?

5. To end the RP in that place or want to move to another place, write [leaves + the next destination] in the end of your post. This way, rpers can easily track where the characters are heading.This is very important.

6. To talk OOC in while you're in roleplay area, use {}. These brackets can also be used when you need to leave the site while roleplaying. Example: {Sorry, I gotta go now. Thanks for the RP!!}

7. NPC chat will be done in red. NPCs can be shopkeepers or assistants. Please put the name/type of NPC before you type.

Now, for the whole example. The area is on a certain card shop.


Now where is that guy...

[Looks around and saw a guy shuffling a deck.]

He's using... Kagerou...?

[Noticed he went to a different shop as he saw the board]

Crap, it's not this place! I better leave or he'll get mad for making him wait!

[leaves in a hurry to the 2nd card shop]

{Sorry, I gotta go now. Thanks for the RP!!}

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the admin!
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Role Playing Rules

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