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 Registration Rules

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Registration Rules Empty
PostSubject: Registration Rules Registration Rules EmptyMon Mar 16, 2015 12:56 pm

Here are the specific rules on registering in Craylife.

1. ONLY 3 CHARACTERS PER ROLE PLAYER. This includes OC. Make sure to check the Characters List first and see if the character you want to roleplay is already claimed or not. Do not use claimed characters!  Also, you can only choose one main character(this will be updated).

2. From rule no. 8 of the general rules, you have to register your character using the character's whole name. If your character have Japanese name, follow the Japanese style(Family name first).

Sendou Aichi
Aichi Sendou x

3. No genderbending allowed. Use the real gender of the character when registering.

4. No double characters allowed. We all know that in this series, we have Psyqualia version, "Я" version and timeline versions(shota, S1/S2/S3/S4/NM etc). Whatever version it is, we only have that one character. Takuto is the only exemption of this rule.

*"Я" Leon will be under discussion for now*

4. Original characters/OCs are allowed! You must provide a full profile of your OC when introducing your character in the introduction post.

5. Roleplaying as cray units are not yet allowed.*under discussion*

6. You can use fake e-mail address domain on making accounts. Example: or

7. After creating one character, any role players can reserve up to 2 characters! This is in case that you don't have time to rp for a while but want the character or, reserve a character for your friend. Character reservations are only limited to 3 days. After the due date, other rpers will have the chance to claim the reserved character. You can have reservations by posting a reply here.

8. Maximum size of photo/avatar is 150x200.

Feel free to ask questions if needed^^
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Registration Rules

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